Solutions that talk to each other

Mobilibus has the formula for users and managers of public transportation systems to have quality information at their hands

Information Management

Cloud platform for mapping and storing public transport information in the universal GTFS format, compatible with analysis and routing systems

Communication Channels

In real time, we manage QR codes for stopping points, departure boards for terminals, and dynamically updated inquiry pages on the operator's website

Custom App

An effective communication channel between managers and users, with customized visual identity and several resources for consulting schedules, lines and alerts

GTFS Information Management

Qualities that set us apart

A given piece of information, isolated, may not be relevant. But when it is part of a context, integrated with other information and data, it can be vital to an operation

Best Practice Information

We guide for the standardization of the data that is presented to users, following a policy of good practices, objectivity and clarity in communication


It can be one or several sources of information, whether telemetry, GPS, electronic ticketing, or payment integration: we consolidate the data into a single delivery

Appropriate costs

Our team knows the reality of public transportation systems, and knows that time and financial resources are limited. We work with what is feasible and what works

Our numbers in 2022

From Manaus to Casa Branca. From Campo Grande to Campina Grande. Regardless of the size of the municipality or the management of the system, being present in the five Brazilian regions and knowing each peculiarity makes all the difference in the end.

345Active Projects
102000Monitored vehicles
2415368Unique app users
525021493App Uses

Mobilibus Apps

With their own visual identity, they offer a wide range of features that allow users easy access to public transportation information in their city or region



The connection point between our solutions and urban mobility

Boas práticas em dados do transporte público

A Mobilibus, como maior integradora de informações do transporte público na América Latina, segue as boas práticas definidas pela MobilityData, organização responsável pela padronização de dados nos formatos GTFS (para transporte público) e GBFS (para mobilidade ativa). Estas boas Read more…

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