Since its creation in 2013, Mobilibus offers a complete solution for the management of public transportation information. Designed for use by anyone who knows the operation of a transportation system, regardless of the size or complexity of the network, it has a simple and intuitive user interface.

From the mapped data in GTFS format, our solution provides powerful query capabilities that, integrated with associated systems – ITS or telemetry – result in real-time information in different formats for public transport users.

Information Panel Management System, which displays departure and/or arrival forecasts in terminals and stopover points; QR Code generation with real-time forecast display for stopover points; integration with routing services such as Google Maps, and; technological integration with Variable Message Panel (VMS) suppliers, are among the possibilities that the Mobilibus customer has at his disposal.

Besides these possibilities, the client that counts on the GTFS Information Management has at his disposal reports that help in a deeper vision of the system – detailed operational programming; simulation of fleet positioning during the day; visualization of operational frequency and; the distance of the stops according to a certain radius, are among the possibilities that help managers and consultants to redesign the existing network or plan a new operation.

Contact us and request a presentation on how GTFS Information Management can make all the difference for your company or managing agency in the communication of information to users, and in the maintenance of the managerial database of public transportation in your city or region.