Designed in the concept of “Mobility as a Service (MaaS)” solution, Mobilibus applications are the best communication channel between the public transport user and its operators and managers. With more than 260mi accesses in 2021, our solutions are present in the five Brazilian regions.

From simply looking up a timetable, through real-time forecasts at bus stops, to step-by-step planning of a journey between two points, Mobilibus applications offer the user the complete experience of using a public transport system in a city or region, whether the user is a tourist, a regular user, or a person with special needs.

Besides the consultation and planning options, the Mobilibus applications allow integration with different solutions – such as credit recharge or balance consultation and electronic ticketing extract; contact direction to WhatsApp or digital SAC or any other service that can be made available in a responsive web address.

The Mobilibus applications also count on resources that alert users, both for the arrival of their vehicle at the bus stop – when in real time – and for changes that impact the public transportation routine in one or more lines, by means of warnings on the bus stop screens, on the timetable, and also notifications sent by push messages.

Customers who have the Mobilibus applications have at their disposal the visualization of real-time data received from our partners, and how they are treated for display to the user, linked to information of schedules and itineraries previously registered in our information management systems. In addition, they have a system for managing alerts and news for the app, support in business hours for the triggering of push messages and assistance in the registration of information and use of the systems.

Contact us and find out how Mobilibus applications, integrated with your trusted services, are the key to efficient communication between operators, managers, and users of public transportation systems.